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24 February 2011 @ 10:10 pm
[haven't you heard]; jaemin  
Title: haven't you heard
Length: one-shot
Fandom: DBSK.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Never happened. Don't own. No profit. 
Pairing: Jaemin, duh. 
Rating: PG-13 to extremely light R (for vague allusions).
Warnings: AU, language.
Genre: fluff.
Summary: the last part of Wishful Thinking series. He’d never thought that someone else’s wish coming true could make him this fucking happy.
A/N: No beta, all mistakes are mine own. Part of much delayed birthday gift for [info]ashleyjanee 
She totally owns the idea of Jaejoong dressed up as a prince and Deadpool and the Marvel people own the "I have a boyfriend" line, although I had to change it a bit to adapt to the context. Electric pants are from the IT Crowd.

series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

-You’re a fucking prince! – Changmin pointed out, dumbfounded, - seriously, you’re a fucking prince. The only thing you’re missing is a tiara and a white horse. Come to think of it, our costumes don’t really work together.
- And that’s why I suggested a fucking costume meeting! – Jaejoong said, annoyed. See, Changmin’s been saying that “you’re a fucking prince” line for over an hour now, and the party was about to start, and now there was no way to change into another costume. Okay, so he liked all the sparkling and laces on the sleeves and the weird shoes and the jabot, and all that—and he thought, Changmin might like it too, but apparently, the boy haven’t found anything better to do but to laugh his ass off and then repeat that fucking line over and over.
- There are just two of us, hyung, why would we need a costume meeting? – Changmin snickered, checking the fridge, making sure there was enough alcohol. The party was supposed to be small and cosy, but Jaejoong’s friends were free to say they’ll come with a couple of their friends, each… there wasn’t enough beer and vodka and tequila to get even 5 people dead drunk in the morning, but after an exhausting shopping spree at the nearest liquor store and storing all their food in mrs. Lee’s freezer, there was enough for a good hundred young men and women to drink themselves straight into an orgy. Changmin would’ve cared about that, but his boyfriend (oh, you can’t even imagine how much he liked saying that word) was dressed as a fucing prince from a fucking fairy tale, and he had his best Dracula-make up on, and the cape, and the blouse, and the tie, and the belt; he looked pretty damn fine. He’d even spent a couple hundred bucks on the fake fangs just to make it totally believable. And Jaejoong came as a motherfucking prince.
- What are we going to do now? – the older man asked, fixing Changmin’s hair, - we can’t obviously go like that.
- Why not? – Changmin asked, eyes wide, although he wasn’t really surprised.
- We just can’t, - Jaejoong said, placed his warm palm on the back of Changmin’s neck and pulled him in for a hungry kiss.
- It’s like you’re the one dressed as a vampire over here, - Changmin laughed, licking his lips and then suddenly jumped up, clapping his hands once or twice, - I know what we’re gonna do. Hold on, let me get my clown makeup kit, - the boy rushed to his room, squeaking all the way there and back to Jaejoong.
- We’re going to make you my bitch tonight, - he said, sitting his hyung down by the kitchen table and pulling two strange vials out. One was white and the other one was dark-red.

-I fucking hate you! – Jaejoong said fifteen minutes later, observing his unnaturally pale face in the hallway mirror, - I look like a fucking corpse!!
Changmin stood behind him, only a few inches separating them, and Jaejoong could swear he heard every single beat of Changmin’s heart almost like the younger man’s chest was pressed flush to his back. And when Changmin leaned closer, placing a soft and gentle kiss on Jaejoong’s neck, right over two little dark brown dots drawn with an eyeliner, right where the fake blood trail that went all the way down Jaejoong’s collar started, he felt his own heart skip a beat. It was sweet and soft and gentle and not at all vampire-like, but then he felt teeth bite down, still gentle, still sweet, but damn, it was almost like Changmin was daring him, and he didn’t even know what that was all about. And he was willing to do almost anything in the world to find out.
Someone knocked on the door, announcing that the first group of people has arrived, and at that point Jaejoong would’ve sold his soul to get at least fifteen minutes alone with that dork he proudly called “my boyfriend”.

“Wake up! Wake up you fucking bastard!! I can’t go in there without you!!! Dammit, Changmin-ah, wake up!!”
“Okay, I’m up in about 30 minutes, you can still get here to wish me luck or something… oh, come on, baby, don’t be such a bitch. You’re proving every single homophobic nimrod right, a man can be such a fucking bitch. Just come, okay? My knees are shaking and I’m sort of afraid to stand up from the chair.”
“28 minutes, if you’re not here in 15, no sex for a week. I’m serious. Minnie? Min-a-a-a-a-ah… you can hear me, can’t you? Just come, please? Please-please-please-please-please?”
“My pride is dead, I totally have a vagina now. If you don’t come, I’ll stay a scared little girl forever. And you don’t want to fuck a scared little girl, do you?”
Changmin didn’t, he really didn’t, he was in fact, having a nightmare about it.
“Seriously, there’s not enough time left, please, I wish you’d just come running through the door right now, hug me, kiss me or whatever, I really wish you were here okay? Seriously.”
“Okay, you’re a fucking bastard. I seriously have no idea why the fuck I love you. Shit. They’re calling for me, I only have like a minute left. See you when I get home.”
- Hyung?
- Yeah?
- I love you too.

There were quiet a few things in Changmin’s life that he’s sworn never to forget.
For example, the day when he got his first RC car. He was only three years old, and his sisters always told him that he couldn’t really remember it, since he was that little and some shitty pseudo-scientists proved that no one can recall anything that happened to them before they turned five. Changmin believed it to be bullshit, he definitely could recall the way Jiyeon cried when he drove the car from the box right into her puffy tiny leg. He could also recall thirty minutes he’d spent in the corner, facing the wall, grounded by his mother.
Or the day he’d realized he liked looking at boys but not at girls. How strangely comfortable he felt after admitting that fact to himself, how awfull keeping that secret from his parent was and how liberating it felt to be kissed back by someone he actually enjoyed kissing.
Like Yoochun.
Changmin was smart enough to know that first love never really works out till the end, not in real life. Movies and some books – sure, but not real life, never real life. So when the time had come he knew what they had to do.
Breaking up was never easy, and leaving his first love behind was even harder. And for some sick reasons the universe had made it completely unforgettable.
Changmin remembered every single one of the people he fell in love with very well. He could still recall every single hairstyle Jiyong’s went through over the months Changmin remembered as “GD era”, still smiled while thinking of Hankyung, his lovely foreign neighbor and Ryuta, his first real boyfriend after Yoochun, Donghae, his childhood friend, Youngbae’s moves on the dance floor (he went on to join an entertainment agency and become a huge star), Daesung’s jokes that were never funny, Sungmin’s fingers caressing the back of his old creaky guitar and Seungri, of course there was Seungri. Their kiss in the gym, in front of everyone, their constant need to be around each other. Seungri was, after all, the main reason Changmin’s ever even considered coming out to his parents.
But all the sweetness and the care Changmin’s gotten from his ex-boyfriend turned out to be not enough. Maybe he was too picky and maybe he wasn’t grateful enough, so the universe took that relationship from him. And honestly, he wasn’t sorry anymore.
He lived in a real world after all, he was smart enough to do that. He knew that high school relationships never worked out. There was a variety of reasons for that, he just had to take his pick and be totally fine with that.

Jaejoong was different.
Jaejoong was his friend first.
Jaejoong took care of him, and that wasn’t anything Changmin’s ever hoped for.
Jaejoong stayed by his side and moved in somehow. He payed half the rent, although Changmin’s never asked for it.
Jaejoong loved both staying in and going out, and that was really confusing for a long-long time.
Jaejoong was a god in the kitchen. He never let Changmin in while he was cooking, though.
Jaejoong threw stuff and had his share of crazy fits.
Jaejoong was his blanket, just for the night, but he’s also put Changmin in a room with an extremely horny girl. With breasts. That just wasn’t cool.
Jaejoong’d dressed as a prince for him. And totally became Changmin’s bitch in the end.
Jaejoong fell in love with him first.

- Oh, fuck me, - Changmin panted, crawling to his side of the bed, freeing his sore body from Jaejoong’s weight.
- I might need fifteen minutes or so, - Jaejoong mumbled, his head dropping on the pillow from Changmin’s shoulder, - not sixteen anymore.
- Can I get a “halleluiah”? – the younger man laughed wearily and propped himself on the elbow.
He liked the new bed. It was big and they could both sleep in it, even with Jaejoong tossing around and talking in his sleep and stealing all the blankets. Fitting two bodies on his old one was pretty fucking difficult.
The mattress wasn’t as stiff and there were too many pillows, and that was the best thing ever, since Jaejoong manhandled him from his own pillow in his sleep too.
Oh. And it wasn’t the bed his mother’s picked out. Which was probably the best part.
- We need to cut your hair, Min-ah, - Jaejoong said, brushing strands damp with sweat from Changmin’s forehead, - the ends are split, so messy.
- I’ll make an appointment, - the younger man agreed, dropping his head on one of the pillows, sighing, - although I’d have to find a new guy to cut my hair. Jongmin’s moved up a couple of steps, moving to Japan and stuff. Last I heard of him, he was applying for a job at Avex or something. The guy’s doing really good, doesn’t’ he?
- And maybe you shouldn’t look that far, huh? – Jaejoong muttered throwing his arm around Changmin’s waist and pulling the younger man closer, - it’s been a year already and you promised… wait. You don’t remember?
- Oh. Right, - Changmin said, resisting Jaejoong’s tight grip and moving to his side of the bed, reaching for the nightstand. He opened the drawer and took out a small pink carton box, - happy anniversary, - he added, presenting it to Jaejoong, proud and smiling.
- It’s like you’ve forgotten we’ve been living together for a whole year. You have to do better than a donut on the nightstand.
- But hyung, look… it has sprinkles.
Changmin tossed around, trying to escape his overexited hyung and squeaked happily when he managed to push the said donut in Jaejoong’s mouth, denying any access to his lips. For a minute or so. And the donut was cold and not really tasty, although sprinkles made it better. Kissing Changmin and realizing that maybe a part of him was still sixteen Jaejoong decided to give the glazed ones another try.

click, click, boom;
It was that Klingon conversation that started it, Jaejoong recalled hazily. Everything that happened at the said party, even making out with three random guys in three different closets was swept away by an awkward (kinda) student who loved Star Wars and couldn’t watch Star Trek without learning the language no one but a couple of thousand geeks at Comic-Con could speak. Okay, there lots of Star Trek fans in the world, but seriously, who’s going to feel obliged to learn the fucking language while watching the series? Changmin was bizarre enough to be the one and only.
One thing he could tell, though, is that even with the weirdest topic for a first conversation, it didn’t feel awkward, at all. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was Changmin’s drunken smile, maybe it was – something, it was definitely something.
He remembered noticing the younger boy from across the living room, his messy hair sticking out from the crowd, and honestly, Jaejoong’s always been attracted to guys shorter than him, but he’s had quiet a few drinks, and Changmin turned around, and he wasn’t really talking to anyone, and his unfocused gaze wondered all over the place, lingering on Jaejoong for a second or two, and followed on the set path.
Someone said something to Jaejoong, but he ignored it completely, rushing over to Yunho. At this stage, everyone was mostly looking for meaningless hook-ups, and usually he was one of those people, but not that night. Somehow he knew that that tall boy across the room was worth so much more. He was worth a real conversation, worth of remembering his name, worth – something and a lot of things.
And maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he was just another one of those boys, passing through Jaejoong’s bedroom a few nights a week, boys with gorgeous faces, fantastic bodies, lacking names and personalities.
Anyway, he needed Yunho’s help.
And Yunho said, the boy was in a serious relationship. With a boy. Which was good (the whole ‘being gay’ thing) and bad (the whole ‘having a boyfriend’ thing).
But still, Jaejoong went over to him, hiding behind Yunho’s back, cheeks reddening as they were getting closer. And Yunho, the sneaky bastard, found a way to embarrass his friend even more.
Changmin. Shim Changmin. Just saying his name made Jaejoong’s lips tremble. His laugh made Jaejoong push aside that strange feeling in his stomach. His smile made Jaejoong’s lips stretch in a happy grin and the way his words got muffled in his throat and came out from his mouth with bitter vodka smell made Jaejoong want to learn how to fly.
- See, that why when you get involved in a huge fandom like that, you can’t just dip your toe into the water, you need to dive in, not afraid of messing up your hairdo and all that. You know, I always swim with my eyes completely open? – Changmin said, smiling and sipping beer from his red plastic cup, - otherwise, ‘click, click, boom’. And all the effort, that’s just not worth it. I mean, should you really go to the swimming pool only to sit on the border and splash water all over the place?
That was just a crush, surely. Huge, almost uncontrollable crush at the first sight.

- Is there anything that doesn’t turn you on? – Jaejoong asked, sitting down by the bathbub, waiting for Changmin to finish showering. The discussion they’ve been having for last couple of minutes jumped from Jaejoong’s new job as an intern at some huge marketing firm Changmin’s heard about but never cared for to Changmin’s father, the great Han Solo and every single one of Michael Douglas’ role in every single one of his films, then somehow getting to Batman and Robin, and then to Robin and the other Robins who Changmin didn’t care for either, and let’s be honest, Jaejoong was a bit confused. Living with the guy for months and sleeping with him for… well, not enough months to say ‘for months’ yet, he still got confused while talking to Changmin. First, the topics changed simontaniously and Changmin’s arguments included so many pop-culture references, sometimes Jaejoong couldn’t even understand what he was talking about. And when Changmin tried to explain, it got even more confusing.
It was still fun, though, since almost every single one of their conversations led to sex. Surprisingly, Changmin was the initiator of the act, saying that there’s no greater finale than going at it in bed, on the couch, on the counter, on the floor, on the chair, on the table or up against the wall. Jaejoong agreed without hesitation every single time.
- Everything turns me on. If I were to wear those weird electrical pants with you around I’d get shoked like all the time. Somehow even watching you pouring the tea into the cup makes me want to do all kinds of nasty stuff to you, - Changmin chuckled, and from the noise Jaejoong knew he was also blushing like crazy.
- You’re not making any sense, - Jaejoong said, shifting uncomfortably. He had to admit, the mere thought of embarrassed Changmin made him too exited even for a guy in his mid-twenties. And for quiet some time (not enough to say ‘for months’) he didn’t have to hide it.
So he pulled the shower curtain and just watched water run down Changmin’s hair and body, until he turned around and, god, he was still blushing.
- What are you doing? – Changmin asked, breath hitching. It only took him a few seconds to regain control of his voice and add, - if you open the curtain, you should just come in, okay?
And when Jaejoong did Changmin laughed like crazy and almost fell a couple of times. Part of it was caused by Jaejoong’s eagerness, but mostly by the fact that Jaejoong didn’t waste any time taking his clothes off and his shirt and jeans were soaking wet now. And very hard to slip out of. Which was bad, and which was why Changmin stopped laughing as soon as he felt Jaejoong’s lips on his jaw and Jaejoong’s hands on his hips.
Fiddling with Jaejoong’s zipper, Changmin cursed. And whimpered, but mostly because Jaejoong was biting the skin on the crook of Changmin’s neck, and not because he did that sometimes just to see Jaejoong’s fingers tremble a little bit.

candy hearts;
It’s been about a month since Jaejoong last met with Yunho. Which was supposed to be totally weird since, even without being best friends or anything they’ve managed to see each other at least a couple of times a week. Circling in the same crowd and being two of the few normal people there, they were doomed to become friends. So when Yunho called and insisted that Jaejoong came over to have lunch with him, he felt sort of obligated to do so.
A couple of years ago he’d been staying with Yunho for a couple of weeks, and he’s been to the guy’s house a hundred times, but he still couldn’t get over how big the damn thing was. Changmin’s apartment wasn’t all that tiny, sometimes it even seemed more than enough for just two people, but Yunho’s house… damn, it was huge. Changmin’s flat could fit right into the living room, and there’d still be free space left.
Looking for one person in a house like that was problematic too. First maid’s sent him into the master bedroom on the second floor, the second one told him Yunho was in the kitchen, the chef advised him to look by the pool and the pool boy pointed him in the right direction.
- You motherfucker, can’t you just stay in one place? – Jaejoong said, falling down on the chair, exhausted, not paying any attention to the guy sitting next to Yunho.
- Now what’s the fun is that? – he said, laughing, - Jaejoong-hyung, meet Yoochun. Park Yoochun, - he grinned at the way Jaejoong’s facial expression changed from irritated to enraged in a mere second, - you’re late, by the way.
At that point there was no doubt who Jaejoong hated the most at the moment. He wasn’t ignorant enough to not make the connection between Yoochun Changmin was telling him about and the guy sitting in front of him. And Yunho’s smug grin only proved that hypothesis to be true.
- Well, sorry for the delay. I was kissing my boyfriend. You know how it is with boyfriends. I sure hope this is a short lunch, so I can go see my boyfriend again. I have a boyfriend, - he spat out, angry and unexpectedly self-concious.
- Wow, Jaejoongie, that wasn’t awkward at all, - Yunho snorted, smile stretching his lips in a very annoying manner, - so, guess what Yoochun and I were talking about before you came over?

- You fucking lied to me! – Jaejoong shouted as soon as he opened the front door, kicking his boots off. Changmin was sprawled out on the couch, eyes following his hyung’s fast movements lazily.
- Oh, - he said, frowning as if thinking which one of his dark secrets came out, - about what?
- About Yoochun, you fucking moron!! – Jaejoong yelled, jumping on the younger man, pressing him deep into the cushions. Changmin gasped for air in surprise, tried to move a bit, his hyung’s knees digging uncomfortably into his abdomen, - you told me he broke your heart!
- No I didn’t. I told you we broke up, I never said I wasn’t the one who initiated it. How did you hear about that anyway?
- Guess what, I met your ex, - Changmin’s peacefulness was contagious and Jaejoong wasn’t yelling anymore, - and he told me the truth!
- Oh, you met Yoochun? How’s he doing? – Changmin asked matter-of-factly.
- Why the fuck would you care about that?!
- I don’t. Just tell Yunho to stop messing around with me. He may not see it, but those games he’s playing are really dull and I also don’t see his reasoning.
- Maybe he’s trying to break us up and get it on with me, have you ever considered that? – Jaejoong said, without really meaning that, only intending to throw Changmin off, just a little bit.
It worked. He showed some strength Jaejoong’s never suspected the guy had and basically threw Jaejoong into his lap, sitting up abruptly.
- Well, you know what? It’s not going to work, - he smiled, both palms on his hyung’s neck, and pulled him close, into a hungry, sloppy kiss. And he knew perfectly well that even if Yunho was in fact trying to break them up, that’d never work. But with a clear head, he still wanted to calm his worried heart down, - wanna have a drink and play spin the bottle?
- It’s two in the afternoon, idiot, - Jaejoong grinned, resting his forehead against Changmin’s shoulder.
- Oh, right. Straight to the bedroom then? – he lifted Jaejoong’s head up gently, that puppy-dog look in his eyes. Jaejoong smiled and nodded silently. Somehow he was sure they’d still get drunk and would spin the fucking bottle a couple of hours later.

- Hey, look at that star! Make a wish. Come on, baby, faster… oh, fuck, did you get it?
- Nope. But you know, whatever. I don’t think I’m a good enough person for any of my other wishes to come true.
- What are you talking about?
- I never told you? The thing on my birthday? The only thing I’ve ever truly wished for? Well, there was that toy truck…
- You never told me. I actually thought you were too rational to believe in that sort of things.
- I am. But when you – when you came here, when you showed up with groceries and Thai takeout and icecream, only lacking chocolate – when you were here and cut my hair and stayed, and moved in and kissed me, and asked me out, and kissed me again…
- Look, another one! What the fuck is it, a meteor shower? Hey, what are you doing? Hey? Changmin-ah?!
- Hold on, hyung. Now I’m thinking I do need to make another wish…
- You didn’t just say that.
Jaejoong scowled, still smiling though, pushed Changmin down to press him to the cold ground, holding his wrists above the guy’s head and leaning in, but not to kiss, just to tease. Changmin was grinning and Jaejoong could swear he saw a reflection of another falling star in the other man’s eyes.
- Okay, all done, - Changmin tilted his head a bit, - now where were we?
Jaejoong rolled his eyes and gave in.

He’d never thought that someone else’s wish coming true could make him this fucking happy.
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~♥Hope to the End. Always Keep the Faith♥~chloe1910 on February 25th, 2011 02:01 am (UTC)
I've missed reading snarky one-touching(verbally and physically) Jaemin fic. Thanks for this.
ashleyjaneeashleyjanee on February 25th, 2011 05:27 am (UTC)
Omg, don't tell me you just ended it *goes back and reads the summary* Oh my god, you did end it *cries*

It was beautiful though, I missed reading this. I actually had to go back and re-read the entire story all over again just to refresh my memory. I thought Seungri was going to be coming back into the picture to beg Changmin for forgiveness or whatever... But great story.

Andddddddddddddddddddddddddd where the EFF are you, I waited SO long Saturday night and you never turned up wth *cries* I miss you so much come speak to me soon ok???
jacenijaceni on February 25th, 2011 10:47 am (UTC)
Awesome ending. ::D Really loved this mini series and the ending made me so happy. Thanks for gifting this to ashleyjanee, since it was also a gift for jemin fans as well. Loved it. :)
zelshamadazelshamada on February 25th, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
Oh man. Idon't want this to be over! But I'm so GLAD that you wrote it and published that is ok.
^^ This fic makes me happy in so many ways!! Is my Jaemin-pie! (you know? The really-happyt feeling you got when you eat a chocolate pie? Or is just me?) Chanmin's wish actually made a lot of people happy.
T'Best ending ever, I'm telling you. ^^ Thank you so much!
crazyaboutyou44crazyaboutyou44 on February 26th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
girl, you've just granted my wish of reading some romantic JaeMin fic. I just love the natural feel of events and Changmin <3 Always Changmin <33 And their habits that are so adorable <333 And random mentions of Russian stuffs (it's your style xD)
Love ya forever for this! *hugs and kisses*
ansukaansuka on February 27th, 2011 04:42 am (UTC)
really.... this was very good... so well written... and Changmin... I love him ery much and JAejoong ash ♥
they are so imperfectly perfect for each other♥