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23 November 2010 @ 11:33 am
[the reason why Shim Changmin doesn't date anymore]; jaemin  
Title: the reason why Shim Changmin doesn't date anymore
Length: one-shot
Fandom: DBSK.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Never happened. Don't own. No profit.
Pairing: Jaemin.
Rating: PG-13.
Warnings: mild language, mild alcohol abuse. 
Genre: teeth rotting fluff.
Summary“That part was incredibly cheesy”. 
A/N: this one goes for the lovely 
[info]ashleyjanee because... well, just because <3 love you to bits, bb.
No beta, so all mistakes are mine. Kind of all over the place, but that was intended, even though it didn't turn out as good as it was in my mind. Thank you for reading.

series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


- So, how are we going to do this? – he asked, going through all the shirts he had in his closet. Changmin’s never thought he’d be someone who actually had clothes falling out of it but still nothing to wear on a first date. Maybe the problem was that Jaejoong has already seen and criticized every piece the younger man owned.
- What are you talking about? – Jae’s head poked into the doorway, smug smile on his face. His hair was still damp from the shower, but no doubt, he was going to look perfect in 15 minutes, while it’s already taken Changmin a few hours getting ready…
- I mean, you’re supposed to pick me up, right? – he laughed nervously, - how are you going to do that, huh? Just knock on my door or something?
- Well, yeah, that was the plan, - Jaejoong walked into the room, a smug grin stretching his lips, - you have any better ideas?
- Actually, no, - Changmin said and leaned to his side, looking at the older man from behind his closet’s door, - for the first time in my entire life I have no useful thoughts in my head. And now, - he went back to obsessing over picking out the perfect outfit, - get out.
Jaejoong exited without hesitation, but still managed to put in a comment:
- Why? Because it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?
He also managed to close to door before Changmin could find something to throw back at him.

Changmin haven’t ever experienced a “not-so-perfect” first date. He was never actually asked on one before, always being the one taking the first step.
He remembered how he carefully thought out the whole thing with Seungri, had thousands of back-up plans is case something went wrong, but nothing ever did. They got the table he asked for at the restaurant, the best seats at the movies, and then there was the walk home and the kiss on the doorstep, of course. Their second kiss, not the first one, but whatever. It was still as perfect as it could get. And when Jaejoong’d kiss him at the end of the night, it wouldn’t be their first kiss either. But still…
This time around, everything was different. He managed to annoy the older man with his inane questions enough to find out what the plan was for that night, and he was relieved there weren’t supposed to be any surprises, just the usual, dinner and a movie. So what if it was a cliché, those become clichés for a reason. And that reason is quiet simple – they work. But, to be completely honest with you, with Jaejoong involved, every cliché could turn out to be the biggest surprise of his entire life. Or a disaster.
Because well, there was a reason he didn’t like surprise parties either.
He still expected something to go wrong, so he kept cracking his knuckles while Jaejoong was driving them to the restaurant. The traffic was horrible, so there was definitely no surprise when they missed their reservations by a half an hour and the table was given away. Changmin snorted while getting back into the passenger seat and Jaejoong hit him lightly on the shoulder, nervously tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.
- Don’t worry, Min-ah, - he grinned, - I have a back-up plan.
- Seriously?
- You sound surprised, - Jaejoong chuckled, pushing the pedal and driving out of the parking lot.
- I sure do, - Changmin nodded, smiling, - but can you blame me?

- Those are the best rice cakes I’ve ever tried! – he exclaimed happily, stuffing his mouth full with the delicious treat. Jaejoong’s brought him to one of those stands right in the middle of the street. Changmin’s been quite familiar with these establishments, since he’s stopped by at least one of them every day to take the edge off his appetite before coming back home and having dinner with Jaejoong. But this particular stand was just… well, it was in fact perfect. It was located near the park, but not the loud part of it, the one which people visited rarely in the evening, the one with a small pond and only a few streetlights.
- I know, right? – Jaejoong stated as he exchanged smiles with the owner.
Changmin let out a few incomprehensible sounds. Somehow Jaejoong realized the younger man was asking for another serving.
This night definitely didn’t feel like a first date. In an odd, but nice way…

- Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Could you please stop saying that? – Changmin patted Jaejoong on the shoulder and grinned at the disappointment in the older man’s eyes.
- This was something that shouldn’t have happened. This was the best part, get it? – he sighed heavily and dropped his head.
- I do, I get it…
And he honestly did. He realized that Jaejoong wasn’t a person whom his parents had to bring to the doctor a few hundred times just to confirm that he didn’t in fact have OCD. He realized, that his roommate didn’t have this need for everything to go perfect every single time and wasn’t that afraid of screwing something up and finding a way out of it right there on the spot.
But when something you consider the most important part goes wrong, at some point you start panicking and all the things you could’ve done to make it all better just don’t seem to come to your mind. If you’re not Shim Changmin, that is.
And since, once again, Jaejoong wasn’t that big of a control freak, Changmin’s thought the man would probably be okay with the solution he could provide.
- How about we just rent the DVD?
Jaejoong nodded once, sighed and went back to the car. Changmin couldn’t believe a movie could be so important, especially when the said movie wasn’t “The Empire strikes back”.

- So what’s this Casablanca all about?
- You call yourself a movie-freak and you haven’t seen the best film ever made?
- I have. So yeah…
They were back in the apartment, no walk home, no goodnight kiss; it definitely didn’t even feel like a date anymore. But well, at least it didn’t feel weird, so that was a good thing… probably.
Sitting on the couch, Changmin chuckled when Jaejoong lay down on the couch, stretching and resting his legs on the younger man’s lap, kicking him lightly, gesturing for the guy to give his full attention to what was happening on the screen. And even though he was quiet annoyed with all the inane questions Changmin chose to ask without giving any of the problems bothering him proper thought, watching Casablanca right there, on the couch of their apartment was kind of nice. No one shushed at them when Jaejoong raised his voice and Changmin giggled at his irritation, no one was bothered by the distinct smell of rice cakes they’ve brought home.
Pausing the movie was still not allowed, since in Jaejoong’s opinion, a single trip to the bathroom or to the kitchen could ruin the whole effect. Changmin had to agree with him on that.

- Well, it’s a nice movie, - he said while the end titles were rolling.
- Nice?! – Jaejoong sat up on the couch, moving closer, legs tangled underneath him, - you don’t know anything about romance, do you?
- Actually, I do. I just don’t get it in the movies, you know? There’s enough of it in life, really, - he turned around to face the older man, not noticing how close they were yet, talking like he was lecturing a 14 year old brother he's never had, - you fall in love, you spend all your free time together, you laugh, you smile, you get each other, you have sex, fall asleep next to the person you value the most in the entire world… but at some point the wheel stops turning and the clock stops. At first you try to fix it, take it apart and piece it back together, all because you’re too sure of yourself and don’t want to let anyone else get in your own business, don't accept any help from the outside. It may work for another month or two, but then everything falls apart again, and you try to repair it, regardless of the fact that you’re the only one working, you’re the only one who’s trying to find out what’s wrong, bending over it with your magnifying glass. Well, until you finally realize that the other person doesn’t even care about this stupid watch anymore. That’s when you give up and throw it in the trash. Or keep in the drawer you’ve reserved for sentimental stuff, but really it’s just useless and broken. And finally, you go out again and get yourself another watch, - he sighed wearily and dropped his head. Apparently, Jaejoong was only a few inches away, so their foreheads bumped hard and he almost fell on the floor in surprise, muttering ‘shit’s and ‘sorry’s.
- Well, you’ve had an interesting life, Minnie-ah, - the older man said with a smile, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his thumb, - but every watch I’ve ever bought was already broken.
This time Changmin did fall on the floor, laughing. When Jaejoong asked him, what was it all about, all he could say was that coming from his hyung’s mouth, it didn’t sound romantic at all, but completely out of place. Jaejoong felt a faint smile curve his lips and tapped his fingers on the waterproof Swatch Changmin’s got him for Christmas.

They ended up drinking beer and talking about all kinds of stuff till 2am in the morning. Starting in the kitchen, they ended up on the couch once again, tv turned on on mute, Jaejoong’s favorite quilt crumpled between them. As Changmin got ready to ask the next question, turning the current topic of their conversation 180 degrees, he hugged his knees and buried his face in them.
- So, you’ve never been in love, huh?
- Nope, never, - Jaejoong managed to say while he was still choking on a huge gulp of beer he took right before Changmin’s asked the said question.
- Have you ever… you know, tried?
- How do you do that, exactly? – he received that “how can you not get it, hyung” in response.
- It’s easy, really. Well, maybe not that easy, but everything’s possible if you put you give it try, wholeheartedly…
- See, Changmin-ah, I’ve never really needed it. Relationships, all that stuff, - he shrugged, unable to wipe that smile of his face, - everything was a-okay back then. Bars, clubs, dancing, one-night stands…
- First, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be in love, hyung, - Changmin moved a little closer, hiding his feet under the crumpled quilt, - and what do you mean “was”? Isn’t now… a-okay too? – he leaned over the shorter man and grinned widely.
- Almost, - Jaejoong replied quietly, almost whispering. He never was the clueless one and this time it was definitely a good thing. Because Changmin found a moment to take another sip from the bottle before Jaejoong’s lips covered his own. Before closing his eyes and kissing his hyung back, he chuckled at the last thought he could actually make out. “That part was incredibly cheesy”.

The only real reason he didn’t date or like dating anymore was the fact that he was already in a relationship, ever since Jaejoong moved in with him. So who cares if they didn’t have any endearing nicknames for each other or kissed or had sex or cuddled on the couch (that last thing did happen a lot, actually, but they’ve only got into this position while sleeping or passing out on Saturdays over downing at least a few bottles of soju, each). Kissing and cuddling and having sex parts were going to happen a lot now, he was sure of it. And waking up on the couch that wasn’t all that uncomfortable anymore, under the worn out quilt, Jaejoong’s arm thrown over his waist possessively, legs tangled, his hyung’s lips moving lightly against his own bare skin seemed to be the best thing is the world then, never mind the morning breath and the hangover. He poked the other man and grinned, watching Jaejoong wake up, groan and open his eyes. He gave Changmin his famous “why the hell did you wake me up so early, wanna die or something?” look, which the younger man chose not to take seriously, since he’s been receiving it every morning for quite some time now. This time it was different, though… because he knew how to make it all better.
- I have a suggestion, - Changmin pulled Jaejoong closer and grinned smugly, - how about we brush our teeth, take a shower and spend the whole day in bed, having loads of hot passionate sex?
The other man’s eyes flew open and for the first time in his entire life it took him less then thirty minutes to fully wake up.
- Are you serious?! – he asked, pushing at the younger man’s chest. He only asked to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.
- I’m just a little bit over twenty, hyung. I have my needs, - Changmin chuckled, trying to hold the laughter back, - and I’d prefer it if we took that shower together. Saving money and water, all that… Good for the environment.

The money they’ve saved on water bills over the next few months went to pay off the electricity ones. Because apparently Jaejoong only wanted to have sex with the lights on. He said it was because he enjoyed seeing Changmin as clearly as possible, but the younger man suspected that the real reason was that his hyung enjoyed catching a glance of himself in the mirror.
And Changmin was completely fine with it.
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fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 23rd, 2010 08:33 am (UTC)
spot for ashleyjanee
ashleyjaneeashleyjanee on November 23rd, 2010 12:16 pm (UTC)
God, I seriously fucking love you. You're like so totally amazing that I had to re-read it a few times because I absolutely love this chapter, I really cannot wait for the next one.. it'll be utterly amazing I think ^_^

fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 23rd, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
haha, thank you, bb! I'm really glad you like it )))

and, btw, love you too ^^ xD
tetsuko_chintetsuko_chin on November 23rd, 2010 08:56 am (UTC)
ut the younger man suspected that the real reason was that his hyung enjoyed catching a glance of himself in the mirror.

that is so jae XD~
it's an ordinary life yet I love the pace that you set on them ^^
fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 23rd, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
ohhhh, I'm so glad this thingy worked, to be completely honest with you, I was really worried it could turn out to be a little bit too much lol

thank you for reading, bb <3
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fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 23rd, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
tnx <3
(Deleted comment)
fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 23rd, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
thank you so much!
and btw, this is not the end of the series, still one one-shot full of randomness to complete this universe xDD
(Deleted comment)
fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 24th, 2010 08:59 am (UTC)
*hugs and cookies* ^^
rj_band_nerdrj_band_nerd on November 23rd, 2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
My day hasnt been the best so far and this put a smile on my face! Good job! =)
fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 23rd, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
couldn't hope for more but a smile <3
and I really hope your day gets better :P
hwaiting! <3
emda: Jaeminemda on November 23rd, 2010 11:23 pm (UTC)
it has been sooo long since I read a Jaemin and on top of that since I read a Jaemin that it felt like them and that I enjoy!!!!
Thanks for writing this great piece!!!!!
fearless_to_flyfearless_to_fly on November 24th, 2010 08:59 am (UTC)
thank you! <3